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Do Pets Have Feelings?

From the July 21st issue of Newsweek Magazine... By Mary Carmichael

Pet owners have long believe their pets loved them back. Scientists once scoffed, but now they're coming around. Everyone who's ever owned a pet has at least one story (usually many, actually) of an animal that seems just as emotional any human. Click here for more!

Dog Bathing Tips

From By Sarah Wilson

Most of us have to bathe our dogs at one time or another- and pet sitters have to bathe clients' dogs on occasion. One of the keys to successful bathing is to brush the dog thoroughly first. Never bathe a dog with tangles, it only makes matters worse. If a dog is badly tangled, let a professional groomer take care of him at this time. Then either have his hair trimmed to a manageable length or keep up with the brushing.

A Few easy bathing tips:

1. Set everything you'll need within easy reach of the tub, so you don't have to move away from the tub once you put the dog in it.
2. Don't wet his head right away; save it for last. Dogs with dry heads shake less.
3. With any shampoo, use a small amount at a time. Too much can work up a glorious lather, but be hard to rinse out later.
4. When you are finished, rinse one more time. Soap residue left on the dog can cause skin irritation.
5. Dry the top of his back and head first, then belly and legs. If the dog has long hair squeeze out the water; don't rub.